West Serengeti

The West Serengeti is a special place seldom explored by most tourists. The West Serengeti is commonly called the Western Corridor as the area takes the shape of a giant valley (running east to west) that is flanked to the north and south by hills. Game viewing highlights include the rare Colobus monkey, Nile crocodiles, large herds of topi antelopes, elephants and good concentrations of carnivores.

Ruwana Plains

The Ruwana Plains offer the best predator viewing in the West Serengeti. There are two resident lion prides that inhabit the Ruwana Plains, and cheetahs can be seen here as well. However, the dominant predator found here is the spotted hyena. Several large clans of hyena maintain territories within Ruwana and can frequently be seen hunting or battling with neighboring clans. The Ruwana waterhole is a unique spot to witness both lion and hyenas hunting especially in the dry season.

Mbalageti River Valley

Mbalageti lies right on the thundering the path of the Great Migration. The Mbalageti River Valley links the plains to the woodlands and forms a natural corridor that the great wildebeest and zebra migration follow each year. During both the northward and southward migrations, this valley offers phenomenal game viewing as it lies directly on the main wildebeest and zebra migration route. The valley is also home to the Serengeti's most striking and powerful raptor, the Martial Eagle

Musabi Plains

The stunning Musabi Plains offer superb off the beaten path game drives. Musabi is an expansive area of plains roughly half way down the Western Corridor and is the favored breeding ground of the topi antelope. The surrounding area is covered in verdant acacia woodlands, which support a myriad of herbivores. Giraffe (the national emblem of Tanzania) dominate the woodlands as they feed exclusively on the tender leaves of acacia trees. Elephants are also found in large numbers here.